WordPress gone nuts

It is more or less since my come back home 8 days ago

that WordPress has gone nuts. Totally nuts. Now our dear Uncle, thus Family, the once best yet now totally #RuinedSoftware, thinks he knows better when I should write and when I should not. Therefore he wants to decide whether I am allowed to log in or not. And he does it in the simplest possible way: by refusing to recognize my login or / and password.

word shall be valid for more than just one login. I keep track of changes in a text file and remain impressed with how fast it grows. Once I log out, the password will not work again, so I need to reset it via email. When I click the email link, WordPress allows me to reset the password and then to do a login attempt, which… fails.

Yes, your eyes are not playing with your brains: WordPress rejects the password established a second earlier. The only thing I need to do is not to give up and try again. The new password usually gets accepted in the second attempt, sometimes in the third. Yet it also happens that I need to reset it again within the same section of trying to access my sites.

My trust in WordPress is now far below zero Fahrenheit, more like -273,15°C. My positive energy keeping me working on Leskipedia – disappeared. My curiosity what’s more in WordPress 5.2.3 (or 5.2.4, unsure what I’ve got now) – pretty high, however. Perhaps it will start writing on its own, taking over our blogs and sites, to fulfill some of the worst predictions about the fate of the world to be overcome by robots.

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