#LastEdit 5 Oct 2019 ** Polska wiki: pl.wikipedia.org, aka Bogowie wiki, is a webpage nowadays admined by…

a bunch of deaf, dumb and blind youngsters who achieved mastership in cancelling and blocking. Their apparent leader, Tokyotown8 aka Bóg Bogów, considers himself entitled to decide what other admins can read and what is not proper, not suitable for them. They feel legally safe.

I have been editing wiki since circa 2003. Initially under random one-time nicks, now more often and with a stable profile. No edit of mine was ever cancelled at EN.wiki. At PL wiki,  I have just got a second block in 20 days, this time an indefinite one – for attempting to alert other admins about the situation. My post on a page meant for contacting them* was immediately deleted by Bóg Bogów. So were ALL my edits anywhere in PL wiki.

Those concerning the article “Trainspotting”, which I tried to make adequate for 2019, not 1950, may be seen on my “Contributions” page, together with “reasons” of cancelling. Those I tried to introduce in my bio “( “Krzysztof Leski” ) in the past 60 hours, are far from complete: after 23:22 on Wed, each attempt was rejected by a bot without even being marked in the article edits history; probably a pre-emptive measure imposed on me. When, feeling totally helpless, I wrote a message to all admins, the immmediate reaction was a ban and my entry deleted.

A rare example of an admin pretending to explain his “reasons” (though neither BEFORE nor WHILE cancelling my EDIT – AFTER I demanded explanation) may be found on my own “wikipedian” page, “dicussion” tab. It rougly says:  “your edit cancelled because it had to be cancelled”. My blockade includes this page, too, ROTFL 😉

Not a single kill of my edits in PL wiki was ever preceeded by, or accompanied by, a single word, remark, explanation, whatever. That’s why “deaf, dumb and blind“. Never read, never try to understand, let your instinct decide. And this instinct tells them to kill everything they do not like.

I was not even allowed to correct a serious error in my own bio. I was not allowed to post a request for the bio to be thus deleted. Again, as always, not a single word, remark, explanation, whatever. Deaf, dumb, blind morons with a huge killer instinct.

The very first #KillerInstinct #AnimalAdmin I met, @Ciacho5, is a #Plagiator

The very first feedback from an Polish wiki admin came on Twitter in the past 20 minutes. From a person using a surname and name, so, for the first time again, not anonymous. After a few minutes of analyzing the case, a certain Tomasz Raburski diagnozed me as “edit warrior” (and kept hating me @Twitter until Thursday noon).

According to the “discussion” tab of the “Letters to admins” page, my letter was resurrected at 3:49 am today (someone “cancelled the cancellation”), then disappeared again. My ban remains valid, serious innacuracies in my bio – visible. Yet another example of decisions taken at first sight, under emotions, dictated by instincts, without a smallest attempt to read, understand, discuss. An absolute opposite of what wiki should be, is meant to be.

For the moment, I consider this post complete. I shall update when I find a lawyer willing to help me. I am afraid a court and media coverage is the only way to send those fanatics where they belong. How? I demand that the courst orders page admins to corrrect false information about myself. As far as I know, this would be the second such case in Poland’s history, and the first in this decade. Media coverage may do the rest.

My target is now to become one of the PL wiki admins. Only this can give me the capacity to start a long way towards re-wikization of pl.wikipedia.org. As a journalist since 1980, as well as during my studies at he Faculty of History 1984-1989, I received the best possible doze of knowledge how to deal with sources, how to read first, understand first, act only when sure what I am doing. 16 years of experience at wikipedia should be sufficient to understand the wiki rules, if and where they differ from the general apparatus and techniques of a historian and a journalist. If I need to read more to check a specific rule – the better: yet another reson not to take quick decisions which might prove to be wrong.

PS. Last but not least, here is another of dozens of articles similar to “Trainspotting” in PL wiki:  a few, or a hundred words about virtually nothing, with no sources whatsoever, yet happily posted many years ago and still there today. “The jump”, “Skok”, as an old Polish distance measure. When was it used? XII, XV, XVIIIth century? Nope. “In Old Polish”. Is that all? Nope! The article concludes that the jump length equals the distance. Whatever it means or was meant to mean.

Useful links:

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Clawfingers: Youtube & clawfinger.net.

Killer instinct: ultra-combo.com

My current message for PL wiki: I see you in court &…

* Got a copy, will post hopefully within an hour or so.


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