Ups and Downs 1

#PE So, ok, I was ready for that, this is a worse day.

I. e. worse than yesterday, which was particularly good for my Mateczka‘s will to fight. Still far better than Sunday, when there was no will at all. We don’t talk much, there is not much to talk about, the examination of her condition begins slowly, it now seems unlikely to reach any conclusions before the next weekend, making altogether at least 12 days from the hospitalization day to the first diagnosis (I was wrong, it took 8 days). Well, this may happen, the problem is elsewhere: in the corridor.

I feel urged to begin this paragraph with the words “86-years-old professor of mathematics, known worldwide for her achievements in the field of non-parametric statistics…”. Thus, quoting wiki. Yet, what the hell does it have to do with a bed in the hospital’s corridor? No patient, whether with a wiki bio or none, not even a thief, a devoted criminalist deserves such conditions of saving his or her health or life. Today, we almost had an agreement to have Mateczka transferred to another hospital with free beds in gastrology, but, apparently, her current hospital… refused. No details, as I am not sure of all of them, but I’m gonna elaborate once I know.

So, we exchanged a few words and hundreds of hugs. Hugging makes Mateczka stronger, and we do it just as we would with The Cat: skull to skull, forehead to forehead, nose to nose. This makes her happy, and also fills me with some strength needed to pretend I am fine and optimistic. Can she see I am only pretending? No idea. But I guess I will learn it soon.

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