Twittergate UCAF
















Reading message, replying, when new notification

check! back to msg, lost!

cache on server would slow down

but pocket in users RAM would do, saving a lot of ctrl-s ctrl-v

To create it, 3 minuutes work

To use an exisrting one, 15 seconds

And it does exist, bur only when in home window ands typing a new messaage





While you cannot choose which Tweets to promote, you can pause promotion by toggling the “Promotion status” slider in the “Subscription” menu when you tap the gear icon.

When toggled off, the promotion of published Tweets will pause and new Tweets will not be promoted until you resume promotion by toggling back on.

Pausing your promotion does not pause or affect your subscription or billing.

Note: your Retweets, replies, and Quote Tweets will not be promoted at any time.

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