Solidarność w podziemiu 1982-1989…

By Jerzy Holzer & me, in bookstores September 1989.

My entry @Google Książki

I now see all sources, even in Poland, even in the Sejm (parliament) online library, quote 1990 as publication date. Yet we wrote it in 8 weeks, April & May 1989, and Wyd. Łódzkie managed to feed bookshops with it in September 1989.
Perhaps, as the only living author, I may be considered a more reliable source than the Sejm library. We wrote it in 8 weeks, April & May 1989. On June 4, I told my Professor I am not gonna graduate as my priority now is Gazeta Wyborcza and building free press in Poland.
Each of us wrote 3 chapters, my part was meant to be my diploma thesis at the Warsaw University Faculty of History. He was visibly disappointed yet I failed to say sorry. Never did. Too late.
Sorry, My Professor. I will never forget YOU & all YOU DID 4me. Tears in my eyes while writing this, be my witness. Your lazy student, 3 Oct 2019, 5:40 am…
Will elaborate @ http://b.leski.pl/swp/ (temporary link; target permalink l.leski.pl/swp).

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