** #PE ** #PL ** Mam soft-świra. My friends often say I am crazy, among others – software-crazy. They are wrong. I am software-aware. I wrote my first working piece in 1967, sold one in 1984. As a professional journalist I watch with horror, how dziennikarstwo turns into ciennikarstwo; as a programmer, I actually get mad seeing billion-dollar-corporations publishing software I would be ashamed of giving for free.

I admit, today is special. I updated a few entries (still not quite ready) about members or candidates in the categories of #RuinedSoftware and #ShitSoftware. I described what I considered a serious flaw in #UncleGoogle and his Translator. I even cared to describe a minor problem Uncle encounters when dealing with spaces and new paragraphs. Eventually, I opened my bank. I needed to fill a simple form so as to return a mistakenly bought item at (my shop despite many issues).

It took me quite a while to describe the circumstances and explain why I need to discuss some details before physically returning my purchase. At last, it is ready, I push “SEND” and… hélas! “The comment field cannot exceed 500 characters”, mBank says now. This very procedure is a perfect example of #ShitSoftware, as there was no warning, no counter, nothing. I still do not know how many chars long my explanation was. Ok, I try to shorten it, and reach success in the 5th attempt, when there is almost nothing left. The only solution is now to say “I need to send it back and discuss details, please contact me”, followed by my email and phone numbers.

I know mBank does not care, but I just cannot avoid publicly asking a few questions:

  • who, when wrote this procedure?
  • what is the 500 characters limit meant to limit?
  • are you afraid of spam, or do you want to save disk space?

Whichever true, your customer is the victim, as always. Well, two of them: the seller, and the buyer. Instead of having the entire issue cleared with one form, they now need to contact each other outside your platform to discuss the conditions of returning a mistakenly bought item. Still, you don’t care.

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