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Karta (The Charter, click to go to Karta WebPage)

Main activity: documenting the Polish resistance & publications under the Soviet Occupation 1944-1989, such as KSS “KOR’, ROPCiO, KPN … “Solidarność”, “Tygodnik Mazowsze”…

NonGovernmentOrganization, yet endangered by current political trends in Poland & WorldWide (e..g. #RealDonaldTrump).

While I would not even imagine it b4 ca. 2018, I now fear Karta, EncySol, ECS & any other Public Legal Subjects may soon collapse & conquered by #DobraZmiana trend. As a result, records on the Resistance may disappear under the state conzor’s axe just as all signs of opposition did under the Commies. Whatever the result Of Polosh Elections this month, I am sure my fear shall grow after.

Therefore I recommend 2migrate all important Virtual Assets (hosting servers, domain registrars, all virtual digital contents etc.) to any Legal System that may be still considered #SAFE (where2? … 2Bdetermined 🙁 )

I plan to do the same… with my private resources & help of #Family, as a #SelfFinancing Scheme, see my virtual Last Will = Testament

#Dementia #PleaseContactMeIfUthinkThisNeedsUpdate! ** #LastUpdate: 5 Oct 2019

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