This article 2B totally rewritten, it now contains a log of my Microsoft wars.

All times CEST = GMT+2 = EST+6 = PST+9.

B4 reading, pls check my total experience. Thank you.


No time to correct typos etc., sorry, will do when time allows & when

Microsoft, Medion & Lenovo finally allow me to get a working Linux distribution on my laptop’s SSD

116 hours later, still no way!


Mon, 30 Sep 2019

15:00 Begin searching 4options (takes zero seconds under Linux)

18:00 decision made, backups… (takes 1 minute under Linux)


19:00, four hours into my battle, I seek legal advice @ legionowoadwokat.pl/pilna-pomoc

20:40 downloading Ubuntu from Ubuntu (slow server, mirrors 10-30x faster but I am cautious)

21:15 ready to install; in case of any Linux distribution takes 3-30 minutes on an SSD with ONE command

21:30 The mentioned lawyer calls me & offers a possibility of getting legal advice from the

Chicago-based partner

I am more than happy with this. When? May be as soon as Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1:30 IMPOSSIBLE. Solution: PARTITION SYSTEM DISK MANUALLY. Under Linux: 10 seconds.

….. simultaneously searching how to create partition & how to sync all Fox settings with Pocket

3:20 Pocket: ShitSoftware. Firefox Quantum: RUINED Software??? Managed to sync… 200 BYTES. F*** U.

03:10 https://ridicurious.com/2018/10/31/install-windows-sub-system-for-linux-on-windows-10/


04:00. TOTALLY * fed up * tired * 220/160 * sleepy

I have been experiencing minor bloood pressure problems since ca. 2010. Never serious enough to buy a device to measure it. Since then, my typical data is just a bit over the uppper limit, but in rare moments of high emotions happened to jump as high as

I would go to bed, Linux can wait until tomorrow. Yet I cannot, because my doctor… demanded to see me today 13:00 CEST. Will explain later in a separate post. Meanwhile, let’s continue… After 14h30 of continuous work to find a method of

  • installing ANY Linux dist
  • forcing W10 to boot from anything else than C:

I hereby declare my own & private

WWW1. Windows World War 1

04:30No, I do not feel I am about to quit, but my OS may do any moment. Time for a kind of my temporary last will – update some Internet info. Need to edit wiki entries about my Mateczka & myself. AFAIR it is the first time ever. No idea who created these articles, don’t never edited them: “Elżbieta Pleszczyńska” @PLwiki @ENwiki & “Krzysztof Leski“.


04:50 partition formatted. Assign letter and label…

05:05 UNEXISTENT FUNCTIONALITY. Searching deeper…

05:15 Discovered W10 explore.exe LOST ALL MY SETTINGS although W10 working ok. Now, each screenshot save takes 1 minute.

05:40 All attempts to CREATE a single entry in Quick access failed. All attempts to save “Details” as default view mode failed. Each time I open explore.exe, be it as standalone app, or to load/save any file, it opens with Microsoft default. I give up and I am not interested why it happens.

06:00 Trying to estimate how many times I murmured/said aloud/shouted/yelled/roared/screamed FUMS in the past 15 hours. Let’s do it step by step as I am so tired I can do it only this way. Taking a 1 hour break, trying to cool down myself & Nikon who got extremely worried about my emotions and keeps meowing & trying to make me go to bed. Nikon’s role in my current lonely life is shortly described in another post.

06:45 Nikon calm at last, taking a nap which hopefully will turn into a regular 2-3 hrs sleep. I am relatively fine except I totally lost ability to read & understand my native Polish, and 90% in English. From now on, pls forgive me, I have no choice but to switch to Pidgin English.

06:50 Some sad recent 2 hrs discoveries:

  • Wikipedia SEARCH functionality #FICTIONSoftware
  • FireFox 100% #RuinedSoftware
  • 07:00 Nikon awake again & lamenting. Another 1h break.


09:15 calling 112 = 991

sorry will continue later ambulance on the way 2me

… Wed, 2 Oct 2019, 16:30

Ok, I’m Leski, not Mark Twain. I am alive & fine.While the ambulance crew diagnosed me with an “almost / probable heart attack” #APHA), I only felt little pain in chest & found the circumstances funny rather than dangerous. After some 45 minutes battle of gestures and words, I managed to defend my fortress, the wonderful crew joined me in ROTFLing, then left allowing me to stay @home & demanding I stay here at least until mid-October. No problem. Mahmoud from the nearest burger-frites already promised to supply me with whatever I might need.

Unlike my laptop. Returned to the kbd around 11:30 or so, only to see Windows in rage & taking revenge on me for… reducing the size of the system partition C:. By midnight, I had six new partitions, one physically moved to another physical disk. Most of the windows apps stopped working, from all text editors to explore.exe.

… Thu, 3 Oct, 01:00

W10 rage eases. I gradually regain access to basic apps and functionalities while changing NOTHING myself. #MentalSoftware.

…yet still NOT ready 4linux.















===================================== ToAdds

Firefox save bookmarks, save settings, firefox button, sync…

75 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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