I am now in conflict with the entire pl.wikipedia, please see b.leski.pl/wi

Tomasz Raburski, one of the pl.wiki admins, keeps spreading fake info about me and the conflict on Twitter, knowing nobody will check wiki logs, knowing I need 3-4 weeks to complete all the documentation here on my blog. This fulfils the very dwefinition of targeted harrassment & hate.

He knows perfectly what he is doing, he KNOWS I had a suspected heart attack TUESDAY, 3 days ago. I woke up an hour ago feeling great, yet now my pressure is appx 220/150 after reading yet another bunch of his lies.

Obviously I do understand Mr Raburski may have, and does have a totally different perpective of the issue. He thus may report to Twitter my tweets about wikipedia and himself. I am ready to take this risk since I began twittering in 2006.

But I am not going to allow anyone to endanger my health or life. Hate stop.

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