One Year Less

While my intentions remain huge, my euphoria disappeared. Totally.

Given the simplest tasks this night, one after another, I keep failing. Yes, sure, I blame the tech surrounding me, the programmers who made it work some special way, absolutely unexpected for me, etc., etc. Yet, no wonder, no excuse, I am to blame, as I am now the person I was 4 weeks ago…  Leskipedia will rise from the ashes of today, but far slower and smaller than I hoped. Ok, if it only covers Mateczka’s rehab, I’m more than fine with it.

Ok, I began this night with a relatively ambitious task: get my new smartphone functional. It’s a relatively fast gadget with Android 9 and very few add-on apps, so I hoped to go fast & smooth. Insert SIM card, done, enter PIN, accepted, register my fingerprint, done. And, well, that’s it. My dear little Android won’t go an inch further. SIM card present, yet… not recognized as a network provider, forget registering and getting Internet access. Wifi? Wrong password. Well, it works perfectly with my laptop & other phones, but just not with Android Pie.

The more I tried to insert a few Poohs into Piglet’s hut, the more often Pie would suggest “Try saying =coffee nearby=”, then yet again acknowledging there was no working Internet connection and thus kindly offering to store the search so that I may find my coffee later, when I provide both Chuch Norrises with their pockets full of all Internets of the Galactics, what might eventually satisfy the *** Pie. Yes, rhyme intentional and intentionally offensive, if you can hear me, Uncle @Google.

Ok, I decided to reset my wifi router password to see if it would have any effect. That, however, required finding the ladder and climbing 4 stairs so as to eventually face the router sticker upside down and try to memorize the 12-digit hex code.  To cut it short, I failed, though I did not fail from the ladder. There were too many 0’s looking like O’s, B’s looking like 8’s, or the opposite, or whatever. Resetting my wifi failed, too.

I needed a task yet simpler than that. The simplest around. Yes, here it is, the phone for Pani Zosia! You will soon be able to read here a lot about her. Right now, let me only mention she first and last visited Kraków in 1944, as a 4-yeard-old girl, forcibly moved by the Germans, wit her Mom, out from annihilated Warsaw after the 1944 Uprising. Her dream is to see Kraków again, and, with some help from some of my wonderful friends, I’m gonna make it happen. Soon.

The first step, however, is a mobile phone for Zosia. A simple tool to talk. Got one for her, a simple yet solid Maxcom 462 BB – Polish tech by Chinese workers paid 1/3 of that a Pole would get for the same job… 🙁 – and a SIM card. And my fingers. And my nails. And… and while some of my female friends claim & openly complain my 5 days-old nails are too long, they appeared to be far from sufficient to open the cover of the Maxcom 462 BB.

I failed with Zosia’s phone. The night is almost over, it is now

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