November Disclaimer

5 days into my life back @home, I still cannot say –

even if I wish I could – that I am now really working on Leskipedia. I only note here, on my blog, what I am currently doing, and these are simple maintenance tasks in my house, my computer, my life, after 22 or 23 (I now neither remember nor want to check) awful days in the hospital. For you, my dear reader, it spells few – if any – news from the rail sector (I really regret), few interesting new contents in general, and still a lot of mess on the site.

Thus, first of all, please note that I did not yet even decide the future structure of the site. It is meant to include my blog, Leskipedia, Nikopedia, Catspedia, and possibly some friends’ blogs. And this spells no current link is a guaranteed permalink. I still hope to resolve this problem before Xmas, so that from January 2020 on, you at least know what you can safely link here, and what is only under a temporary address.

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