** #PE ** #Family ** My daughter. In her twenties now, she is keen on building her own world, separated from mine. Therefore, let us respect her anonymity, let’s forget the name for now. Mysz graduated, lives and works in the U.K., and it seems to be her definite choice.

Born in mid-1990s with my “assist”, she clearly remembered my voice. My wife exhausted after the procedure, Mysz was handed to me 10 minutes after seeing this world with her own eyes, and almost immediately fell asleep in my arms. I cannot remember if she was nicknamed Mysz (Mouse) this day, or before, during pregnancy, but both my wife and me referred to her as Mysz since then, and I keep doing so today. The variations are Myszka (Small Mouse) and Myszaczek (Very Small Mouse). While her current whereabouts remain hidden, we may talk a bit about her firsts…

  • Her first sentence
  • her first 60 metres sprint
  • her first fashion show (LOL)


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