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** #PE ** Do you happen to

know a parent not proud of his / her kids? Well, I don’t, though I know ones who claim they are not. Never mind. MY KID (your kid) is the best, the most clever, the most handsome and beautiful, talented, the real genius, etc., etc. So, Mysz built her first full sentence when she was 50 weeks old.

The sentence was extremely Mysz-specific, and it will take me a moment to express it in Pidgin English. Uncle Google may find it pretty difficult to translate into other languages. Well, I cannot lie, I cannot correct the sentence. All my life a journalist, I can only quote it exactly as said.

In fact, there were two sentences, one after another. It was early May, we were about to set up for a long walk, the sun shining, circa 25 Anderses (please use Uncle Google to translate it into Daniels Gabriels; this phrasing copyright by a Twitter friend of mine). My wife Iza, as usual, barefoot; me, as usual, in my Greek sandals I would use from February or March through November – until snow was higher than 4 inches.

Mysz took a long glance at our feet, and eventually spoke.

Mama, tu-tu-tu, bez. Tata, tu-tu-tu, bez, nie.

Mama spells Mom. Obvious. Tata = Dad. Tu-tu-tu, or thump-thump, is an ὀνοματοποιίαOnomatopoeia, a word derived from the sound it describes. In this case, however, it serves not as a verb, but rather as a noun. While Mom and Dad are subjects of the two sentences, tu-tu-tu spells shoes, which, together with a “verb”, compose the predicate of the sentences.

The “verb” role is played by the word bez = without. Finally, nie means no. Now the whole secret is gone, isn’t it?

Mom is without shoes. Dad is not without shoes.

My dear Mysz and her first sentences. Never forget. Crying now, tears of happiness.

PS. ** #PP ** Młody nie spieszył się. Do czwartego roku życia mówił mało i rzadko. Mysz robiła hałasu za dwoje. A Twoje dziecko? Jak brzmiało pierwsze słowo, zdanie, kiedy pierwszy raz zdołało zajrzeć na stół, a nie pod stół? Napisz 🙂
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