My experience

Under construction forever = as long as I am keyboard capable 🙂

Born Jan 9, 1959 @ROTFL

1961 #RailFan with my GrandMa (Mateczka too busy)

1965 Standalone #RailFan

1967 First simple yet working FORTRAN toy

1970 FORTRAN capable enough to do this job for my Mom  working @Maths Inst. & IPI PAN @PAN Polish Academy of Sciences. Method: typing on a typewriter 🙂

1973: First contact with a real computer. From now on, punching FORTRAN & Algol progs 4 my Mom directly on a tape puncher.

1978: Politechnika Warszawska, everyday contact with PDP 11 / SM 4.

1981: first 300 cps acoustic modem, but first BBS log in a year later, winter 1982/1983.

1984: modem dies. I sell my first software (a simple Atari XL game)

1985: graduated @Politechnika Warszawska (thesis: computer simulation of WWER440 reactor)

1987: 2400 bps modem, first Internet email address (Switzerland).

1988? 1989? Fidonet, Poland’s first Private Node 2:480/100.

Spring 1989: “Gazeta Leski. Prawiedziennik Polskiego Echa”, a news bulletin for the Polish diaspora, distributed via Fidonet, and soon (Summer? Autumn?) via an Internet distribution list @

Summer 1989: almost graduated @Uniwersytet Warszawski (thesis: Solidarność w podziemiu with my promotor prof. Jerzy Holzer published, to a serious disappointment of the latter – I had no time to add apparatus and graduate; never said sorry, too late 🙁 )

1990: fully unix capable.

1996: “Gazeta” dies due to: no longer needed, www technology begins going worldwide.

1996: first own domain, abandoned ca. 2000.



2019: Literally 100% dementia when afk yet brain working when @ the keyboard.

Still fully capable of typing 250-300 cpm, c++, php5, html5, linux/unix. With onscreen syntax help – in css, java, js, and roughly any given language.

The sole exception: windows @Microsoft.

  • WARNING. Whoever shall claim I am
  • “computers/internets/software/hardware…”
  • “incapable/moron/…”
  • AFTER HE/SHE was given this article link
  • shall be considered lawless & rightless against me
  • whatever word or words I use afterwards.





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