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  1. If you heard about my intention to sue Microsoft, your obvious question, if not the only one, is: who the hell is Leski?
  2. Polish Wikipedia says, more or less correctly, who I was before 2010.
  3. I received a solid education in many fields, and claim to have over half-a-century of computing experience.
  4. Today, Oct 1, 2019, I am jobless, on a temporary dole, & edited Polish Wiki to add this info, but my edit was promptly deleted ­čśë
  5. Here at, I openly admit I suffer from “dementia” (no short memory) whenever AFK – Away From Keyboard.
  6. Now your question is (99% true): WHAT the hell is this site, except from my blog?
  7. It’s a site meant to provide some fun┬áand cover its own costs, as well as my Mateczka’s rehab costs…
  8. … and possibly add to my scarce pension later in the 2020s.

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