Mateczka aka Elżbieta (Ela) Pleszczyńska (wiki). #Family ** My Mom. 

  • Born 20 March 1933 in a beautiful mansion near Wola Wydrzyna, Radomsko district, central Poland.
  • The third* and last child in the family of Róża and Ludwik Pleszczyński. in a 900-hectare fish pond oriented mansion of Wola Wydrzyna near Radomsko, central Poland.
  • Two elder brothers: Stefan (1921) and Wacław (Wacek) (1927). “I always wanted a sister”, Mom told me 7 Oct 2019. “Stefan and Wacek would tell me I needed to talk to my Mom and I could not understand why. I knew it is not about going to a shop and buy a sister, but why Mom and nobody else…?”
  • In September 1939, trying to escape from the German invaders, driving East, eventually going back when the Soviets invaded Poland on September 17,. Their property confiscated by Nazis, they lived with friends, then moved to Warsaw. After the Warsaw Uprising 1944, in a labour camp near Stuttgart.
  • “Liberation” by the Soviets left them with no property, and Ludwik facing jail because of his work in the underground structures of the London-based Polish government in exile. Settling in Poznań with help of their former servants (what seems to tell a bit about their relations before World War Two and the way the landlords treated their staff), they managed to disappear from sight of the UB (Urząd Bezpieczeństwa, Security Office).
  • Miraculously again, despite her “landlord” roots, in 1951 Ela was allowed to begin Maths studies at the University of Warsaw where she graduated in 1956. She spent the next 60 years or so working on non-parametric statistics, becoming a world authority in this niche understood by a dozen professors and two dozen other scientists. In 1993, she got her full professor of mathematics certificate from the then-president Lech Wałęsa.
  • From 1989 through 2019, she was also paying a lot of attention to her two NGO’s helping disabled  mathematicians etc. , yet she failed to grow successors, so both NGO’s disappeared once my Mom became unable to run it.


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  • *AFAIK there was a fourth child, probably between Wacek and Ela


Left: Mateczka in 2015 (probably), telling her story for the “Archiwum  Historii Mówionej” (Archive of the history as told by witnesses) of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising Museum of Jan Ołdakowski.

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