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Born with an ironic smile, first word SRSLY?, 2nd ROTFL, 3rd MOMMY (Elżbieta Pleszczyńska AKA Mateczka). Had a hero father who did not know “how to in family”. Sense of humor, distanced to events and myself – always, even during an alleged heart attack on Oct 1, 2019 (my first; the ambulance crew ended up ROTFLing with me and allowed me to stay @home). Will die of a laughter attack one day.

First heard of packet switching networks: 1967 from my Mateczka. First running FORTRAN prog for my Mateczka: 1967. First successful BBS login: 1982/1983. First Internet email address 1987.

Ex-journalist, all media, from clandestine newspapers under the Commies to Gazeta Wyborcza to several newspapers & every second regional radio Polandwide, Fidonet & Internet “Gazeta Leski. Prawiedziennik Polskiego Echa” 1989-1996, TVP, contributing to The Daily Telegraph 1990-2005, BBC World Service, Yedioth Ahronoth & many more.

Sole employments: Gazeta Wyborcza 1989-1991 & BBC Polish Section 1997 (1998? don’t remember) – 2005 or 2006. Otherwise freelance. Thus, no pension; when 65 & retired, I’m gonna face starvation – if I live up to it.

Today, I’m a toothless dementia when afk yet Homo Sapiens when at the keyboard (I type since 1964, i.e. since I was 5). Slow but Fluent in html5, php5, c++; capable of css, java, js and virtually any lang as knowing 2-3 = understanding all. Running my small wars at with the creators of #ShitSoftware: Microsoft Windows, Twitter, and ruiners of once top now #RuinedSoftware: FireFox, WordPress etc.

Well, before even saving this bio I see a new candidate for membership @ my #ShitSoftware list: LinkedIn has been trying to determine if is a LINK and cannot come up with a conclusion 5 minutes later.

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