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Supercity (SC) is a Facebook game created by Playkot. It is known for a  huge number of grave errors, bugs ans inconveniences which are never corrected as the game apparently employs no testers.


  1. You can see at first glance: English is not my native language. Polish is. If you see anything not quite English in this article, please comment.
  2. By no means is SC the worst software!

Whatever definition and dates we test, it shall probably never get in the top1000. Software should be judged by at least ten factors, and still SC is not on top in any ranking! As a matter of fact, it is Twitter to be the

Thus, why this post? I claim SC is the absolute leader when we take into account three factors combined:

total number of bugs & their lifetime & the number of users affected

It seems evident SC has no testers, so each bug, once created, is never corrected and lives “forever”. I know at least






When launched in 2013, SC was a leisure game, all about building a beautiful village filled with lots of flowers, trees, prehistoric animals etc. But then, Playkot decided to change this image, adding the element of competition between players. Now such events, lasting usually 10-15 days and absorbing players’ attention throughout a day, arew available ca. 300 days each year.

SC is a demanding building strategy game, full of difficult decisions how to best use not only the limited resources available, but also, or first of all, SPACE and TIME.

Yes, SPACE and TIME are nowadays the most wanted goods. The problem is that the software hardly changed, and now, in crowded cities, when time is pressing, this causes huge problems every five minutes. Your clicks need to be as fast and precise as in an arcade game, and for many older people like me it gets unbearable. But sorry, Playkot, it does not fit the image of a strategy. It is a shame.

Time is what I’ve got. A lot. However, some of U might like to see results sooner than in XXII century. Without your help, it may last that long. But yes, U can speed it up.

But careful, leski|@leski.pl will do, 1 alias: home; all other no effect (spam etc.).. well, if U somehow find paypal, I get notified someone tried to log in, Nikon The Cat Who Onws Me will guess how and why.



My list is intended to contain more than just bugs. I shall collect all known problems we encounter in the game and consider, such as:

Bugs, Software Errors & Malfunction

“Correct code” causing problems



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