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Image Events, AKA Imagine Events with Images, AKA Rybitzky Glance (RG)

is a method allowing people to keep in touch with current events with just a few clicks and less than 1 minute/week. It was invented by Paweł Rybicki on September 21, 2019 and may compete with any existing Fast Reading method.

Rybicki responded to my request to tell me in one tweet what happened in this week of Poland’s campaign for the October 14 parliamentary elections. I applied a few enhancements for the RG to apply to any period and any sphere.

To prepare an RG link you need to create a string of keywords, such as

  • Week In Politics
  • Year in Football
  • Summer in Chess
  • Recent Wars
  • Past decade in medicine
  • World Events While Me Stranded (on deserted island)
RG stranded

Be sure to include what Uncle Google really needs, but no excessive information. In the last example, the bold words will provide good results. Adding the text in bracket, while you forgot to tell your uncle when did you disappear from this world, will show you all available pictures of Robinson Crusoe, possibly not just what you expected.

Now paste your string into Uncle Google, switch to the Images result page, and if you want to see a certain period of time only, select Tools->Time. Now copy and save the contents of your browser address bar for future use, or bookmark the page in your favourites to click your RG link and perform weekly or monthly updates of the events.

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