It’s only ulcers

** #PE ** #PP ** To były tylko wrzody żołądka. Mateczka should be on her way “home”, right now, as we speak. The hospital eventually diagnosed her with stomach ulcers. While not comfortable, it spells no life threat now.

One question remains, and will remain unanswered: was it really necessary to perform it all in the hospital, instead of outpatient? Was it necessary to have her spend eight days and nights in an extra bed in the narrow and noisy corridor of the Bródno hospital? To strip her of her human dignity, forget any human comfort?

She was brought there on Thursday, November 7, although it was clear for everyone that nothing can happen until after the long weekend (Independence Day, Monday, November 11). I understand the nuns: they wanted to avoid any suspicion of carelessness. Yet, isn’t it better to discuss such decisions with Mateczka and the family first? I guess we both would have no doubts about what we prefer.

Mateczka should be now just minutes away from her comfy bed. in a spacey two-bedroom, in the perfectly equipped nuns’ care at Białołęka. This is no real home, and the meaning of this should be never neglected. Yet it provides her with conditions far better than here with me, and with the care I am unable to provide, my lumbar vertebrae gone wild. When the dreams are unavailable, you better accept the reality as long as it is acceptable 🙂

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