Google 1984

** #PE ** All Languages Are Equal

But Some Languages Are More Equal Than The Others. I do admit I am fluent neither in French nor in German, yet I claim I understand text written in both (though French far better), as well as, to an extent, in Italian or Spanish. I hereby announce, what some of you probably already know: give #UncleGoogle a relatively simple Enligh text and you get a close to perfect French translation. This obviously proves Uncle got well what you meant.

However, try to translate it, for instance, to one of the Slavonic languages, each (except Russian) spoken by a group of whatever from circa 1 to 50 million people (from Montenegrin to Polish). Here you are! These numbers are small for Uncle, the languages not worth much effort, the translations – funny, full of wrong grammar use, even difficult to understand. While I do understand and do not even neglect the reasons, I just cannot say I accept it.

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