** #PE ** Good old times when WordPress was stable and reliable.Good old times when most plugins would simply do what they meant to do. Since 2010, I had here a simple social media plugin allowing readers to share a post on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Then, I decided to build a new site, moved to a new hosting, for the first time in 9 years upgraded WordPress to 5.2.4, and… well, nothing is as it used to be. And it probably never will.

Tonight, I decided to eventually reinstall social media buttons, as, without it, I shall never be able to fulfill my last will 😉 First, I downloaded a simple Twitter plugin, and it worked. Now, I grabbed the “official Facebook pixel” widget. When I tried to activate it, the entire site froze, I lost access to editing anything.

I needed the help of the support crew of my hosting to deactivate the plugin, and searched for alternatives. Finally, I decided to install a simple yet adorable “all in one” solution: the “AddToAny share” widget. It got activated and worked perfectly, and I thought I managed to do a step forward.

Too early. An hour later, I noticed that all Google Ads disappeared from my site. Well, I like to have visitors, but the circumstances force me to try to make some money here, so without the ads, the widget made little sense. So, again, I removed it and waited for results. But in vain.

An hour passed, no ads, so I checked the root directory of my site for the presence of the magic ads.txt file. Nothing there! It simply disappeared. I then logged into GoogleAdSense, so as to read with a bit of a shock:

Ad serving on your account is currently being limited due to invalid traffic concerns. We’ll automatically review and update this limit as we continue to monitor your traffic. Learn more about ad serving limits.  What you can do:  Make sure you understand your ad traffic and site visitors. Never click on your own ads, and avoid partnering with untrusted or low-quality parties. Learn more about preventing invalid traffic.

While I did none of the above, furthermore, I was absent from my blog for all these two hours, AdSense apparently reacted to the installation of the widget. So, instead of a step forward, this is a step back: I lost all ads yet still have no soc media buttons. And so it is in the contemporary world when all software is written to perform the very basic task, no matter what the side effects and the user is clearly told: go to hell, your problem.

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