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Wer reitet so spät durch Nacht und Wind?

Ok, ok, this is not fully mine. It’s just Johann Wolfgang von Goethe with a few amendments I dared to perform today after Robert Lewandowski helped Bayern top the Bundesliga again, at least until tomorrow when Wolfsburg and Moenchengladbach do their moves.

While I claim no responsibility for any physical or mental damage this “poem” may cause to any reader – I do claim this is my first ever piece of “poetry” in German. Ok, in Googloeutschish. And probably the last. It helps me keep my head up given mu current whereabouts.

Wer reitet so spät durch Nacht und Wind?

Das sind die Ritter von Bayern King.

Lewy_Official, der Ball zum Fuß,

machts Union Berlin… ridiculous.


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