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Fuck You Warning

Fuck You

Fuck You @MicroSoft @Windows

Fuck You BlaBlaCar



Before 2018, last time I even murmured it was probably ca. 2010. Nine years ago.

Over the past 12 months, ca. 150,000x FUMS HotKey = 400/day = 0.235x/min, and in September 2019, ca. 2x/min. While there are at least 1,000 reasons to do so, the ONLY important one, 99.9999% of the total, was the “Win Key + Space Bar” sequence which Microsoft forbids to disable, thus illegally claiming the right to decide which keyboard settings I use as well each and every single Windows 10 user (am I right this makes some 100,000 human beings? or… licenses sold, including corpo, which may double the users number?)… Ok, it does not mattter. Even if I am the only one, it is still illlegal.

Update, 1 Oct 2019, 07:00

Since 30 Sep while trying to install Linux: circa 30x per minute

In the past 16 hours:  3x per second.

Next, I allegedly had a heart attack. Kinda funny yet no kidding…


Even funnier, while I changed nothing as no change is possible, and thus the Win+Space key remains active – after my heart attack, it simply stopped occurring. Simply so, unbelievable, but so it is. As if Windows got scared I might sue them for health damage 😉


Other, similar which I admit I happen to use

  • ca. once per 4-12 weeks @Twitter (used to be up to 10x more often before ca. 2015)
  • when someone is trolling/hating me
  • continuously for at least one hour & 10+ tweets:
  • FU Fuck You / Fuck Yourself / Pierdol się
  • WON = Deutsch RAUS


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