Fight, Mateczka, Fight!

#PE I was weak again. Going to bed last night

I considered myself too tired to visit my Mateczka the next day. Yet now I see it quite clear: if she is lacking the will to fight, I am the only one to supply it. Therefore, Uber & Bolt installed (BTW, #ShitSoftware candidates, sorry, in conjunction with Android they are smart enough to… cover the most significant information just to be tapped into a form; therefore, you need to learn the code by heart, then tap). Friends now going to the nearby shop still open despite our Independence Day today.

The hospital offers the bed. In the corridor. No dignity left, no silence, Yesterday, they would shout at me: “Why didn’t you supply drinking water? We have got nothing for your mother to drink!”. Ok, I try to supply water, pampers, shirts to change, food, wet clothes to wipe her face, etc. Generally everything. So far, however, they did not ask me to provide a doctor. Seems like they still have got one.

Poland’s public health service, 30 years after the collapse of communism, 4 years of PiS (“Prawo i Sprawiedliwość”) rule. A blood-covered battlefield after the “successful reforms”, as the PiS narration keeps claiming. I wish I could understand how come some of my friends, who were journalists only 5-6 years ago, now repeat such shit in cold blood in front of a tv camera?

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