**PE** Rodzina. Family.

I apply this term to a number of groups of humans, cats, software, and any other beings, present in my life long enough and strong enough. It still leaves enough space for a category of #Friends, of whom I claim to have hundreds.

As always with family, there are issues, there are misunderstandings. Often, I feel I hate a family member, though I am simultaneously obliged to love her or him. In most cases, it concerns software.

Let us, however, start with flesh and blood. Here we go:

Next, the three girls I loved:

I was stupid enough to lose all three, spelling I now face living with The Cat until my days come to an end. Well, I’m fine with that, and I guess I deserved it.

Now, my Mateczka’s (and thus mine) family:

There shall be much more people and groups of people, but before I manage to recover the lost parts of my memory and verbalize it here, let us mention some of the most prominent software family members:

I am even ready, and in fact I did include in my #Family:



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