Enough is enough

16 full days, This is how long I have been imprisoned.

Yes, I mean: imprisoned. In a psychiatric hospital in Warsaw. With no diagnosis, no charges, no trial, no judge seen, nothing. A decision by the POLICE (!!), because I dared to demand they prevented a stalker from harassing my Mateczka, & upheld by the hospital, despite me having no previous record except depression. My human and citizen’s rights thrashed in a second.

I regained net access 2 days ago. Initially, I stayed calm waiting for my friend[the_ad id=”5140″]s to work, but having now a perspective of another weekend, I am not longer ready or willing to shut up. Enough is enough. This is an EU member state, it’s 2019, I am told Nikon The Cat is dying of sadness and unease.


What an irony: were I still working, I most likely would be attending the opening session of our parliament in two weeks from now. A session likely to be headed by Iwona Śledzińska-Katarasińska, the senior speaker AKA Father of the House. Her daughter Kama Katarasińska-Pierzgalska, a highly renowned psychiatrist, is the one who heads my current prison.

While this site is meant to be at least 80-85% satirical, that is not exactly how I feel now. 100% serious. Sorry, no joke today. I was under permanent psychiatric observation since circa 2011, no spectacular changes in my situation, yet when I began digging myself out… here I am. Jailed. It’s only a month since my “Manifesto of Happiness“, yet all the work I have put into getting myself out of the hole has now been wasted.

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