** #PE ** Why “dementia” needs faster computers and more powerful smartphones?

Whenever I need any information, I google it immediately, otherwise, I forget. Once found, I keep it open until no longer necessary. This saves time and prevents forgetting. At this very moment, Thu, 3 Oct 2019 (I always use Polish notation date) 4:07 am, I am working on ca. 40 entries at as well as & some other domains of mine (currently got one hundred, LOL). My windows and tabs open now:

  • FireFox – 4 windows, 120 tabs
  • Chrome – 1 window, 4 tabs
  • Opera – 1 window, 20 tabs
  • Brave – 2 windows, 20 tabs
  • MS Edge – 1 window illegally popping up without my consent (see #ShitSoftware)
  • plus ca. 20 other MS W10 #ShitSoftware apps.

Therefore (edit

Desktop/Laptop: Therefore, if you get your job comfy done with an average 2015 laptop i5 & 8 GB DDR3, I’ve got a 2x faster i7-7700HQ and 16 GB DDR4.

Smartphone: if you’re satisfied with Snapdragon 660 & 2 GB RAM, I need a Snapdragon 845 & 8 GB LPDDR4x.

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