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** #PE ** This term has been stolen by me from a friend at Twitter. One Daniel Gabriel is one degree Fahrenheit. No, not two degrees, sorry, only one. What you need to understand first is that Herr Fahrenheit was quite a weird one. Born in a liberal Hanseatic family in Gdańsk, which was then called Danzig yet was under control of the Polish Crown, which was combined with the Lithuanian Crown…

Got lost? Me too. Ok, let us start from the beginning, but a bit in the middle of the story. If you need even more details, the plain Polish version of this article (yet translate’able with #UncleGoogle‘s  Translator) has just been updated.

So, Gdańsk was called Danzig, yet it was a Hanseatic trade city with a dozen nationalities peacefully living together and counting daily profits, most of them German, then Polish, Dutch, Scots, Jewish, and Latvian. Danzig then fell into German hands, but remained an international city until 1939, when it became an almost purely German city, and a purely Polish city six years later.

Born into such a mess of things, Herr Fahrenheit could not avoid being a mess himself. Thus, he had two Christian names, but only one degree. To make things even worse, this one degree of his was worth a full degree only since being announced in 1724 until 1730. Only six years after Herr Fahrenheit, a certain Mr Celsius, a Swede… oh, this is really scandalous! Here is what happened, in detail.

I failed to tell you that Herr Fahrenheit, trying to do some scientific work, obviously needed to quit the trade-mad and money-counting Gdańsk and moved to the Netherlands. There, he published his degree, and a printed copy was loaded onto a ship which set sail North-East… and sailed… and sailed… and sailed… Well, it took long, like real long. The Germanics, who has been known for their problems with huge infrastructure projects since the beginning of the Berlin Airport construction just after the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest

Hey, did I tell you already I am called Mr Digression? Ok, Maroboduus and his Germanic mates were late with the Airport (as of today

Under the circumstances, the distance of roughly one million stretched arms* might well need a six years sail. Once on the Swedish soil, the Daniel degree was immediately spotted by a local astronomer and devalued by almost 50%. Since then, a Daniel is worth approximately half of an Anders, although it is obvious that Mr. Celsius was much poorer than Herr Fahrenheit, given all the richness of the Netherlands at this time (however imported from India and the Far East), while Sweden in the 17th and 18th century was one of the poorer European countries (that is what tends to happen in all states experimenting with socialism. even if ruled by a king).

*If you are totally lost now, be warned: when trying to measure distances, you’re gonna be lost even more.
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