** #PE ** Dementia. Me nowadays. Ok, exaggeration, but I like the word.

Actually, as of today (things may get worse ­čśë ), I only suffer from a dramatic lack of my primary memory. Therefore, I need several tricks to keep going, to be able to live alone (though I do receive significant help from The Cat). Some of these tricks are costly. Fortunately, most cost close to nothing. I intend to describe them here so that you can test and apply if necessary ­čÖé

The first and most important: how not to forget about meetings, doctor visits, medicaments and all other “todos!”? There are many ways, and you should use as many as possible, combined.

  • A virtual calendar, Uncle Google may help
  • A virtual list of most urgent todos in a text file
  • A physical calendar, yes, a book on your desk
  • A physical list of most urgent todos
  • A perfect place for your physical calendar & list

Chip & RAM or why “dementia” needs faster computers and more powerful smartphones?




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