Google space problem

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When using Google Translate often now for translating entire pages – to check how it works with my blog and leskipedia – I noticed with surprise uncle has a problem with… free space.

Often, it either multiplies or omits new line (new paragraph) markers, spaces after full points, some punctuation marks. Apparently, Uncle believes for example that a French reader needs fewer paragraphs to read the same story than an English one.






















umorzona dzisiaj, jutro do domu, wraca do PL w grudniu


I am now in conflict with the entire pl.wikipedia, please see

Tomasz Raburski, one of the admins, keeps spreading fake info about me and the conflict on Twitter, knowing nobody will check wiki logs, knowing I need 3-4 weeks to complete all the documentation here on my blog. This fulfils the very dwefinition of targeted harrassment & hate.

He knows perfectly what he is doing, he KNOWS I had a suspected heart attack TUESDAY, 3 days ago. I woke up an hour ago feeling great, yet now my pressure is appx 220/150 after reading yet another bunch of his lies.

Obviously I do understand Mr Raburski may have, and does have a totally different perpective of the issue. He thus may report to Twitter my tweets about wikipedia and himself. I am ready to take this risk since I began twittering in 2006.

But I am not going to allow anyone to endanger my health or life. Hate stop.