Berlin Airport

** #PE ** #PL ** Największy Poślizg Nowoczesnej Europy. Europe’s largest delay. Designed in the Roman times, purpose changed every 300-500 years, yet still not ready as of

  • Cornerstone reportedly laid 12 A.D. for a training ground of the Germanic troops after the Teutoburg Forest victory
  • In the 6th century, purpose of the project changed to a praying ground to protect the Germanic tribes from the Slavonic ones invading from the Southeast
  • 975 A.D., Otto II plans a knight tournament area and orders stands for 10,000 viewers
  • In the 11th century, under huge pressure from Rome, the site is redesigned to become a gathering point for the next Crusades
  • In August, 1410, Jobst of Moravia allows the unfinished site to hold a live transmission from the Grunwald fields, where the Teutonic Order is to face joint Polish and Lithuanian forces. Before the battle and the transmission begins, the spectators’ stand give up and fall down, reportedly burying 800 viewers
  • The construction site is then ordered to undergo a detailed safety control which lasts until the end of the 17th century
  • Early into the 1700s, the Habsburgs order a financial audit and find out some documents from the Otto II era are missing or faked
  • Impressed with the Montgolfier flight in 1783, Joseph II orders that the construction be restarted and site serve as an “airport”
  • In 1810, Napoleon orders a fire safety control and holds the construction indefinitely
  • Construction restarted by Wilhelm I in 1871 to commemorate his newly acquired title of Emperor
  • Since then, various German safety agencies keep preventing the launch of the Berlin Airport
  • It is now envisaged the first passenger may be served in 2192, the 200th anniversary of Willy Brandt’s death



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