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** #PE ** #PP ** Wehikuł czasu? Time machine? It does not exist. But a backward clock does exist. And while “sci”-fi movies hardly make me dream, this page does. Well, it does not work: the time keeps flowing onwards. What a shame 😉 Yet, let’s make a little use of imagination and consider we have limited access to a limited time machine. Say, once in a month, you may use the backward clock for two hours, and actually get the time back.

Two hours may be nothing, yet a lot. Often not enough: if you do something stupid under strong emotions, these may be still strong after two hours, so that you do not feel like using your free time-back slot and miss the chance of reversing the stupidity. Yet, perhaps just as often, it would allow us to avoid so many errors, mistakes, even crimes.

Within the first five minutes of thinking about it, while trying to remember how strong the emotions were in each case, and how likely I was to understand the mistake before two hours passed – I managed to recall several dozens of things I could, and wished, to avoid.

On the other hand, what about the experience? Would the trick erase the wrong deed, would it also erase the memory of it? Would we be still committing the same stupidities over and over?

Perhaps, after all, the world is set up correctly, at least in view of the time flow.

Please note the two latter paragraphs are part of the original post, despite what some Twitter comments suggest.

#WorldOrder — This is the first post with this tag. I shall use it whenever writing about Gods-, Religion-, Creation-related issues etc. Ok, it’s 15:10 my time, I have just missed my Yuma train, and begin analyzing if it were worth using my time-back slot… BTW, I never watched this movie, thus no idea – was it 3:10 a.m., or p.m.? 😉 In Poland, it was distributed as 15:10 to Yuma


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