All but The Cat

So, yeah, me back home. At my kbd &  listening to

Hey, Joe by Deep Purple (IMHO far better than Jimi’s original).

A few deliveries awaited me on my stairs, including both the remote shutter cable and the infrared pilot for my prehistoric yet still powerShot’ful SX1 IS. Thus, I am now fully capable of shooting surprise pics of me and the Cat hugging scull-scull, etc.

Except that the Cat is not here. Apparently dying in solitude, he was taken to friends whose family consists of circa a dozen cats and humans. He is well now, with a good appetite, playful, joyful – just nor recognizing me, treating me as an alien, stranger, no-person.

As offended as a Cat can be,

For this, I will never forgive you, Polish State Police. Never ever.

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