A title too far

#PE Am I enraged? No, but close to. And due to both software and politics.

Irritated first by my bank, half an hour later by the morons ruling this country since 2015 at least until 2023. I mention the bank to explain my emotions, but I intend to elaborate on that in a separate post (2 days later, an intention remains an intention ­čśë ). Now, let us focus on Archbishop Marek J─Ödraszewski and his “Rainbow Plague“.

LGBTQ is nowadays the main “threat” for the world of the Catholic Extreme Right, such as Poland’s “Prawo i Sprawiedliwo┼Ť─ç” (PiS, Law & Justice) ruling party, Hungary’s Viktor Orb├ín, etc. It would be, too, for Italy’s Giuseppe Conte and US’ Real Donald, except this would be too dangerous in terms of losing the votes of the young. In most of the post-communist Central & Eastern Europe, this is still not the case, and raising anti-LGBT feelings pays back.

PiS as well as its all narrators and allies, supported by all state-owned media, claim LGBTQ & the “Gender ideology” is an “invention” by George Soros and the “enemies of Poland and Christianity” in the West. Poland’s Catholic Church is no different, sings the same song along with the de facto ruler Jaros┼éaw Kaczy┼äski and the puppet prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

J─Ödraszewski, archbishop of Krak├│w and vice-president of the Polish Episcopate, and numerous public appearances against LGBTQ. BTW, he is also known for taking seriously a joke by an American historian and quoting it in his “scientific” work. This August, he created the slogan “Rainbow Plague”. He repeated it recently and this week was awarded a “Guardian of the Values” title. It’s characteristic, though not important, that the award comes from the “Do Rzeczy” extreme right weekly and the Hungarian-Polish Institute.

It’s far more worrying, if not purely scandalous, that the title was awarded at a ceremony in the Royal Palace in Warsaw, in presence of Morawiecki as well as the Culture and Justice ministers and the PiS parliamentary caucus leader. And even worse: in a laudation speech, the archbishop was called “Courier from Krak├│w”, in a clear reference to a national hero Jan Nowak Jeziora┼äski, “The Courier From Warsaw”, traveling to London and back under the German occupation of WW2 with the Polish National Army documents.

There is no way to find words describing what I feel. I am neither LGBT or Q or Hetero. Due to longtime depression, I am clearly an “A” now: Asexual. I demand respect for each and every orientation, each and every human being, as guaranteed in the Polish constitution. While words remain words, they have consequences, and abp. J─Ödraszewski might not like some side effects of his campaign, once his followers take it straight and 100% serious.

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